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12k Trailer Axle Magnet - 12000 lb capacity -k71-377-00- Dexter

  • 12k Trailer Axle Magnet - 12000 lb capacity -k71-377-00- Dexter
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12k Trailer Axle Magnet - 12000 lb capacity -k71-377-00- Dexter

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    One Magnet Kit For 12-1/4" X 5" Electric Brakes (Fits Most Dexter 12k and 15k axles)
    Each Kit Includes One Magnet, One Spring, & One Magnet Retainer Clip. 

    This 12K trailer axle magnet fits most Dexter 12K and 15K axles, and it makes replacing worn-out parts easier than ever. With a new magnet, you can swap it out for the old one, instead of replacing your entire brake assembly. This makes repairs faster, which means your trailer spends less time off the road. Each kit comes with the magnet, spring, and retainer clip that you need to make the necessary repairs, and we know you’ll love how easily everything comes together. If you have questions about this part, please don’t hesitate to ask. Order your new 12K trailer axle magnet now!

    Replaces Dexter Part Number K71-377-00

    Oval style magnet kit with black wire allows you to replace only the worn out magnet on your trailer brakes, rather than the entire assembly. Oval design increases the efficiency of the magnet while also extending the life of the magnet.

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