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Blemished and Special Length Axles (See Description for Listed Sizes)

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Blemished and Special Length Axles (See Description for Listed Sizes)

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    Product Description

    Before purchasing we recommend that each customer refer to the diagram (2nd-4th picture) to determine proper fitment. These axles will either have blemishes, special length, or both; however, the integrity of each axle has not been diminished.


    How to Order:

    Step 1: Please refer to diagram within pictures

    Step 2: Reference the "Groups" below

    Step 3: Select the "Group" with specific axle size.

    Step 4: Type specific axle description in the text box

    Step 5: Complete the order


    All prices are per axle. If you have any questions regarding these axles, please call in to speak with a sales representative. 


    Group A:

    1- 3.5k Idler 85"/69" 5x4.5 (TK)


    Group B:

    3- 3.5k Elec. Brake 73"/58" 5x4.5 (Dexter) 

    1-3.5k Elec. Brake 86"/74" 5x4.5 (Dexter)

    1- 4" Drop 6k Beam 87"/70" (TK)


    Group C:

    1- 4" Drop 3.5k Idler 85"/70" 5x4.5 (Dexter) 

    1- 4" Drop 3.5k Idler 92"/00" 5x4.5 (TK)


    Group D: 

    1- 6k Elec. Brake Axle 93"/00" (TK)


    Group E:

    2- 4" Drop 6k Elec. Brake 94"/76" (TK)


    Group F:

    2- 7k Idler Axle 72"/58" (TK)

    4- 7k Idler Axle 89"/74" (TK)

    1- 7k Idler Axle 89"/74" (Dexter)


    Group G:

    2- 7k Electric Brake Axle 95"/80" (Dexter)

    2- 7k Electric Brake Axle 89"/74" (Dexter)


    Group I:

    1- 4" Drop 7k Electric Brake Axle 97"/80" (TK)


    Group J: (Picture #5)

    1- 7k Disk Brake Axle 93"/77" (Dexter)

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