Prime Steel 5/8" Trailer Tow Hitch Lock

Prime Steel 5/8" Trailer Tow Hitch Lock


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  • Includes packaged black 5/8-inch hitch lock
  • Features a watertight dust cap that prevents corrosion
  • Offers a easy-to-operate 1/4-turn lock activation
  • Features a barbell style hitch lock
  • Includes two keys



  • Prime steel hitch lock
  • 5/8-inch diameter
  • Dogbone - chrome, black or stainless steel
  • engineered to make a tow vehicle and trailer more secure by keeping them locked up tight
  • Similar to a hitch pin and clip, a hitch lock is designed for insertion into the fastener hole in the side of a receiver tube in order to hold a ball mount or hitch-mounted accessory in place
  • While prime steel, hitch pins do offer sufficient strength for keeping a ball mount firmly attached; a prime steel hitch lock goes one step further
  • Prime steel hitch locks allow the ball mount to be locked into the trailer hitch, which deters theft and prevents others from detaching the trailer at the ball mount and towing away your property without permission
  • This prime steel hitch lock features a barbell design and comes with a 5/8-inch pin diameter to fit a 2-inch receiver tube size
  • Prime steel barbell hitch locks are comprised of a pin with two end caps and a locking mechanism
  • They are key-operated and activate with a simple 1/4-turn
  • They also include with a watertight dust cap to keep out the elements and prevent corrosion
  • Prime steel Inc. Delivers 25-years of manufacturing excellence to the doorstep of customers 

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