Tires keep blowing out on my 20ft top hat trailer

  • I have a 2018 top hat trailer. I have owned the trailer for about 3 yrs now( bought it brand new). I only really use it to drive to the deer lease and few other things around town. Its 20ft with 2- 7,000lb axles. So far I have blown out 4 tires going back and forth to my deer lease. Trailer is not over loaded ( about 4000lbs on it), load is not to far up or back, I make sure it has proper air pressure and tires do not rub. My deer lease if about 4hrs away and all hwy driving. Last week coming home I blew out another tire, no problem as I now carry 2 spares. I am really at a loss as I have a few other trailers and have never had this issue. $250 a pop for a tire is getting old.....My son claims this trailer is cursed. I plan on taking all the tires off, putting it on jack stands and going over it with a fine tooth comb.... any suggetsions on what to look at or measure specifically would be greatly appreciated......again I bought this brand new

    Thanks for any help,


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