5k 5.2k TK Trailer Axle - 5000 5200 lb Electric Brake 6 lug - (4" Drop)
5k 5.2k TK Trailer Axle - 5000 5200 lb Electric Brake 6 lug - (4" Drop)
5k 5.2k TK Trailer Axle - 5000 5200 lb Electric Brake 6 lug - (4" Drop)

5k 5.2k TK Trailer Axle - 5000 5200 lb Electric Brake 6 lug - (4" Drop)


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  • 5,200 lbs TK Trailer Axle (5.2K Capacity)
  • Bolt Pattern: 6x5.5
  • Tube: 3"
  • Standard 4" Drop 
  • Electric Brake: 12x2

If you need a new 5.2K trailer axle for your ATV trailer, car hauler, or cargo trailer, then this option from TK could prove more than ideal. The axle comes fully assembled, so you can get it in place, add your suspension and tire and wheel assemblies, and get your trailer on the road. The spring seats are welded on the bottom of the axle, which allows for a lower ride height and a better highway experience. If you have questions about this axle, then you can ask them by using the form below. We look forward to hearing from you!

Internal Components: (Click to go to Product)

  • 5.2k-6k (5200-6000 lb Capacity) Bearing Kit (2sets) - each set includes:
    • Double Lip Grease Seal
    • Outer Race
    • Outer Bearing
    • Inner Race
    • Cotter Pin
    • Inner Bearing
    • Tang (Spindle) Washer
    • Hub/Dust/Grease Cap
  • 5.2k TK Axle Studs - 1/2"


  • Axles come fully assembled
    • Packed with High-Temp Axle Grease
  • Axles made in house 
    • Each axle has socket welds giving you a 40% stronger weld than the leading competitors 
  • Underslung - Axle is welded with spring seats on the bottom
    • Allows for lower ride height
    • For optimal usage, use with double eye springs
  • EZ Lube Design
    • Removable rubber plug on the hub cap with easy access to a grease-able zerk fitting
    • Grease your axle without pulling off your whole entire hub
  • High Strength Steel Axle Tube Construction to ensure
    • Cambered or Straight Tube Options  
    • A better highway experience
  • Designed for use on Light Duty Trailers
    • Utility Trailer Axle, Boat Trailer Axle, Car Haulers Trailer Axle, ATV Trailer Axle, Lawn & Landscape Trailer Axle, Motorcycle Trailer Axle, BBQ Pit Trailer Axle, Cargo Trailer Axle, Enclosed Trailer Axle, RV Trailer Axle & More
  • Internal Wiring System
    • To ensure seamless design
    • Protect brake wires from wear and tear
  • Powder Coated Finish to Ensure Longevity
  • CSA Certified 

Please Note: Differences Between TK and Dexter Axles:

  • Warranty
    • 5 Year for Dexter Axles
    • 7 Year for TK Axles
  • Axle Shape
    • Dexter is Cambered Tube
    • TK is Straight or Cambered Tube
  • Hub Shape
    • Dexter hub is in star shape
    • TK hub is a flat circle
  • Welds 
    • TK axles: socket welds (40% stronger than the leading competitors)
    • Competitors: butt welds
  • TK Axles are CSA Certified 
  • All TK parts are completely Dexter interchangeable

    To place a custom axle order, please call (833) 416-9400 and our trailer parts experts will be more than happy to assist you.

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