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8k Nuts - 8000 lb Capacity - 9/16" Cone lug Nut - Dexter - Pack of 4

SKU : 8KNT-006109-DX-4
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  • Fits Most 8k Axles with 9/16" wheel bolts (Dexter, TK, Texas Pride, etc)
  • 60 degree coned
  • Outer Diameter of Nut: 7/16"
  • Head Size : 7/8"
  • 9/16" x 7/16" Hex
  • Right Hand (Normal Thread)

Lug nuts are some of the most important parts of your trailer's tire and wheel assemblies (TWAs), and without the right parts, you can't drive down the road with confidence. These 8K cone lug nuts fit most Dexter, TK, and Texas Pride axle hubs, and we know you'll love how durable and reliable they are. If you're swapping out TWAs, then take the opportunity to install new lug nuts that will stand up to the daily wear and tear that your trailer experiences. If you have questions about this product, our team is ready to help. Order your new 8K cone lug nuts now!