DeeMaxx 3500 lb. MAXX Coated Integral 10.2" Rotor and Hub (1/2" Studs) - 5x4.5 Lug

DeeMaxx 3500 lb. MAXX Coated Integral 10.2" Rotor and Hub (1/2" Studs) - 5x4.5 Lug


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DeeMaxx Components is best-known for their unprecedented product quality, reliability and distinguished product performance. DeeMaxx Components are the number 1 disc brakes for the U.S. Military!

  • 10.2" Rotor and Hub
  • Made for 3500 lb Axles
  • 5x4.5 Bolt Pattern
  • 1/2" Studs
  • Integral MAXX Superior Coating
  • Electric/Hydraulic Braking System Component
  • 15.5 lbs.


  • High Quality hub and Rotors
  • The ONLY brake manufacturer to pass the SAE J2681 Brake Test
  • Quality and Durability are built in to the design
    • Uses the best materials on the market
    • Has exceptional tolerance
  • Trademark Integrated caliper mount-bolt/sleeve
    • Allows for ease of installation
    • Ensures they will stay in place within the calipers
  • Silicone boot has improved performance at extreme temperatures compared to other companies
  • Patented Rotor Design
    • Runs cooler
    • Improved coating consistency
    • Water is able to drain and not collect in the hat section
    • 15% larger diameter
  • DeeMaxx products have more brake torque
    • Allows for shorter stopping distance and increased safety for all users
  • Compatible with every surge and electric/hydraulic braking system
  • MAXX Coating allows for longer protection

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