Valcrum HD Aluminum Trailer Oil Hub Cap for 9-15k Axles - ST400D

Valcrum HD Aluminum Trailer Oil Hub Cap for 9-15k Axles - ST400D

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North American Trailer Dealers Association 2019 Product of the Year -

This cap was created to solve the age-old trailer issue of constantly broken fragile plastic oil caps that:

  • Cost you money replacing multiple caps year over year
  • Cost you time & labor to stop, maintain, and replace broken caps
  • Cost you a customer AND the job if your trailer breaks down due to leaking lubrication

Revolutionary Features:

  • Magnetic vent plug that captures metallic particles & debris to preserves internal axle components and prevent bearing failure
  • Heavy duty aluminum alloy body protects from exponentially more external damage to eliminate replacement frequency & decrease downtime
  • Zerk fitting port allows for easy conversion of oil bath hubs to grease packed hubs


  • 9,000-lb Axles manufactured from October 1989 to July 2009
  • 12,000-lb and 15,000-lb Heavy-duty axles
  • Replaces Dexter 21-36  

W's Included:

  • (1) 4" universal threaded hub cap
  • (1) gasket
  • (1) lens
  • (1) retainer ring
  • (1) foam gasket
  • (6) Torx Screws
  • (1) magnetic vent plug
  • (1) 1/8 -27 NPTF plug included
  • (1) O-Ring

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