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7k Studs - 7000 lb capacity - .5"-20x2.5" - Dexter

  • 7k Studs - 7000 lb capacity - .5"-20x2.5" - Dexter
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7k Studs - 7000 lb capacity - .5"-20x2.5" - Dexter

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    • Thread diameter: 1/2"-20
    • Stud length: 2.5"
    • Spline length: .68"
    • Base length: 1.38"
    • Spline diameter: 0.54"

    As a business owner, you want everything to run smoothly at all times. If your company relies on trailers, then having one that’s broken down can put a damper on your efficiency. It’s important to be able to find quality parts quickly, and at The Trailer Parts Outlet, we’re here to help. These 7K axle wheel studs fit most Dexter, TK, and Texas Pride axles, so if you’re working on repairing a trailer with one of those axles, you’ll know you have the right part. Order your new parts today, and please let us know if you have any questions.


    • Wheel stud is designed for hub and drum brake assemblies
    • Includes 1 drive-in stud
    • Fits Most 3.5-6k Axles ( Dexter, TK, Texas Pride, etc)
    • part number: 7-262



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