Special TPMS Coming to All Tristar Trailers

Special TPMS Coming to All Tristar Trailers

We have a little trailer industry news for you today! It’s a nice something for haulers to know. 

A new partnership between ASA Electronics® and Tristar Manufacturing means that every Tristar trailer will now come with iN·Command®, a Tire Pressure Monitoring System, or TPMS. 

If you don’t know Tristar, they produce a ton a USA-made trailers, like utilities, dumps, goosenecks and more.

"Partnering with ASA Electronics aligns with our mission to ensure the safety of trailer users," says Mike Cheek, Chairman at Tristar Manufacturing. "Every trailer owner deserves to know the condition of their tires. We have it on our cars, and we should have it on our trailers. We are proud to partner with ASA as the leading manufacturer of TPMS. Tristar Manufacturing is the first trailer manufacturer to install TPMS on every unit across all product lines, making it standard for every customer.”

Jeff Gray, VP of the Trailer Division at ASA, explained how the new use pf this system improves safety.  

"Making TPMS a standard feature on every trailer they build, from the entry-level utility trailer through their whole lineup, just shows Tristar's commitment to safety,” Gray said. “TPMS has been a standard feature in the automotive world for over a decade, and we are all accustomed to having a sense of security for our personal vehicles. We are thrilled to partner with a company that values safety just as much as we do."

The iN·Command® TPMS is pretty cool! It has a Bluetooth® repeater that enhances the signal so you can use it on longer trailers, too. It tells the driver the temperature and pressure on each tire, and sends mobile alerts when these fall out of the proper range. This data gets stored so that potentially hazardous tires can be monitored over time.

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