When and Why to Consider Upgrading Your Trailer

When and Why to Consider Upgrading Your Trailer

Trailer gets worked hard all year long whether at the job site pulling equipment or lost track of time pulling the toys for a weekend getaway with the family. Breakdowns happen to the best of trailers, eventually even the most reliable suffer from old age. One of the most telltale signs that it is time for an upgrade is if your trailer is slowing down and does not see many moments without repairs. Here are some signs it's time to consider investing in a new or upgraded trailer.

1.   Troublesome Single Axle Being Hauled to its Limit

Your trailer single axle has been a workhorse, but after countless hauls it may have reached the end of the road. The axle and springs could be worn down to the point of failure. A single axle is fine for lighter loads, but eventually you'll want to upgrade to a tandem axle for heavier cargo. The extra axle adds stability and reduces stress on the frame when fully loaded.

2.   Worn Out Wheels Slowing You Down

Wheels that continually need repair or replacement are a telltale sign it's time for an upgrade. Cracked or bent steel wheels can undermine stability and lead to blowouts that leave you stranded. Upgrade to corrosion-resistant alloy wheels that won't crack or warp with use. Look for models with sealed bearings that won't need constant adjustment and packing like old-style bearings. New trailer wheels with better seals and bearings will roll smoothly for years.

3.   In Need of Complete Refurbishment

If the frame is bent, suspension is sagging and body panels are rusting through, it's time to face facts - your trailer likely needs more in repairs than it's worth. Rather than sink thousands into an old worn trailer, consider a new upgrade. Look for a trailer equipped with the latest in sealed bearings, brakes, wiring and features to save maintenance costs down the road.

4.   Upgrade for Added Cargo Capacity

Have you outgrown your trailer as your business or toys have expanded? Hauling capability is one of the biggest reasons to consider an upgrade. Larger trailers are available whether you need extra square feet for equipment or just a few more feet of length to transport that ever-growing collection of vehicles or toys. Look at dual and triple axle options that can haul a few extra thousand pounds so you're not turning loads away.

5.   Trailer Kits and Accessories Maxed Out

If you've bolted on so many add-ons to your trailer that it barely resembles the original, it's a sign you may be better off starting anew. Over time and repairs, trailers can become more kit than original structure. Before adding yet another accessory, consider a newer trailer with the features and capacity you need built right in. Properly installing trailer accessories right from the factory leads to better structure, balance and longevity down the road.

6.   Time for Safety and Technology Upgrades

Older trailers may be missing important safety and tech features we take for granted on new models. Features like all LED lighting, breakaway systems, battery disconnects, surge brakes and electric over hydraulic brakes all improve trailering. Upgrade to a trailer with the latest in lighting, braking and electronic features to tow with confidence and peace of mind that your investment is safe down the road.


Some trailers simply show their age with wear and repairs cropping up too often to ignore. Before dumping more money into repairs, take an honest look at whether an upgraded new or used trailer better suits your needs long term. Trailer manufacturers continue making them stronger, smarter and more capable each year. When repairs consistently exceed the trailer's value or capacity no longer fits your needs, it may be time for an upgrade. Investing in a newer trailer can save maintenance costs over the years ahead and deliver continued reliable service for your cargo hauling tasks.

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