Top 5 Trailer Kit Types and Their Uses

Top 5 Trailer Kit Types and Their Uses

We are proud to offer some of the best trailer kits in the game here at The Trailer Parts Outlet. You need a new trailer, but you’re a DIY type who loves to build? You’ve come to the right place! We’re here to save you valuable time and money. Why browse and gather all the pieces you need off of various websites and retail shops when you could get it all in one place? 
Let’s explore the top of types of trailer kits, and talk about how each trailer is used. 

  • Utility Trailer Kits by The Trailer Parts Outlet

  • These utility trailer kits are like the bread and butter of trailers. Utility trailers look like big flat beds sitting on two or four wheels getting towed behind a vehicle. They get used personally and professionally. You might see these with ATVs or snowmobiles on the back. You might see them with landscaper’s tools, or big loads of junk on the way to the dump. There are few things more useful than a utility trailer. 
  • Lowboy Trailer Kits by the Trailer Parts Outlet

  • For oversized and extra heavy loads, you need that lowboy trailer. Build your own lowboy trailer with these complete kits by The Trailer Parts Outlet. These are trailers that get used for professional projects more often than personal trips. These are what might haul logs, or great buckets of gravel. Something heavy that sits with a low center of gravity in general. Sometimes you’ll see them used to deliver a dump truck or some other piece of equipment. 
  • Ready-to-Build Car Hauler Trailer Kits

  • Car hauler trailers are so useful for people who love classic cars or need to transport a vehicle long distances. This might be for personal or professional reasons, if you transport cars as a service. Check out these car hauler trailer kits to build your own. Find the exact size you need for the vehicle you intend to transport.
  • Dump Trailer Kits by The Trailer Parts Outlet

  • Dump trailers are great for landscapers! These get used to unload big loads of sand, gravel, soil, mulch, cement, or other materials that are easy to dump into gigantic piles. Get the kit to build the dump trailer you need right here. 
  • Get Everything You Need with Flatbed Trailer Kits 

  • For hauling big construction equipment, you need a flatbed trailer kit. Load these up with your backhoes, bulldozers, and more. These are a must-have for any construction crew, whether you’re a big company or a scrappy startup. Get the machines you need to the job site with flatbed trailer by The Trailer Parts Outlet!


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