5.2k Trailer Axle Hub- 6 Lug

5.2k Trailer Axle Hub- 6 Lug

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  • Hub only
  • 6 on 5.5" Bolt pattern 
  • 1 LM67010 Outer Race (Already Pressed In) 2.328" OD
  • 25520 Inner Race (Already Pressed In) 3.265" OD
  • Uses 25580(1.75" ID) and LM67048(1.25" OD) bearings(sold separately)

This 5.2K trailer axle hub is designed for a #42 spindle and has a capacity of 2,600 pounds. If you’re building a new trailer that uses a 5.2K axle, then one of these hubs on each end will make it easy to put everything together and get your trailer on the road. At The Trailer Parts Outlet, we can provide you with the hubs, bearings, seals, and caps that you need. Please let us know if you have any questions, and if you’re ready to order, then buy your new 5.2K trailer axle hub online today!


  • Our Hub has 6 on 5.5" Bolt Pattern for 5,200 Lb Axles
  • Races are pre-pressed into the hub for your convenience  
  • This hub is designed for use with a #42 spindle
  • Each hub has a capacity of 2,600lbs
  • The bearings, grease seal, grease cap, wheel nuts, spindle nut, and spindle washer sold separately
  • Kit with hardware is available

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