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Dexter NEV-R-ADJUST 9K/10k General Duty Trailer Axle Brake - 10,000 lb 12.25x3.375" - Pair

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  • Dexter
  • 12.25"x3.375" Electric Brake Assembly
  • 7 Bolt Brake Flange
  • Rated at 10,000 lbs per pair

If you need to install new brakes on your commercial trailer, then this Dexter 9K/10K NEV-R-ADJUST axle brake could be the perfect option. It's designed for most general duty axles, and the brake will adjust automatically after just a few stops. Once the brake is burnished, you'll notice how much better your trailer stops when you slow down or come to a complete stop in your tow vehicle. Each part is made in the USA, and we know you'll love how easy this product is to install. Order your new Dexter 9K/10K trailer axle brake from our online catalog now!


  • The NEV-R-ADJUST brake system automatically adjusts for optimum braking performance.
  • Whole brake assemblies make replacing brakes a breeze. Seven bolts and two wires is all it takes for new brakes.
  • Proudly made in the USA

Note: NEV-R-ADJUST brakes adjust after a few stops. New brakes need to be burnished by braking 20-30 time at an approximate speed of 40 mph slowing the vehicle to 20 mph. Allow brakes to cool in between brake applications.

Most Dexter 10k General Duty Axles (Dexter, TK, & Texas Pride)