Set of 2 Single Axle 9x32 Steel Tread Plate Double Broke Trailer Fenders and Backs - Fender Kit

Set of 2 Single Axle 9x32 Steel Tread Plate Double Broke Trailer Fenders and Backs - Fender Kit - Call For Availability


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When ordering raw materials, you can expect minor rust and oils that will need to be cleaned upon arrival to you.

Install two double broke fenders and fender backs with this kit from The Trailer Parts Outlet. This kit comes with two fender back plates to the double broke style of the fenders to offer added protection for your wheels.  

Fender Specs:

  • 14-gauge steel
  • Tread plate design
  • Durable
  • Length: 32"
  • Height: 17"
  • Width: 9"
  • Aggressive, edgy look
  • Added traction
  • Wheel Size: 14"-16"


This steel tread plate fender from The Trailer Parts Outlet protects your trailer's wheels from flying and falling debris, whether it's kicked up off the road or falls off the back of a truck bed. You get two of these rugged, double broke style fenders in this kit. These fenders make sure your bases are covered if you live in a state where fenders, mudguards, or mud flaps are mandatory.

Fender back

These two fender backs for Single Axle 9x32 double broke fenders offer added protection from your wheel against road debris, water, splattering mud, and other similar hazards. They are secured on the inner backside of the accompanying two fenders by welding. They're pre-cut to fit perfectly inside the tread plate double broke fenders.

Don't see what you're looking for? The Trailer Parts Outlet offers a wide variety of fender types and fitments.  

  • Textures: diamond plate, smooth
  • Material: steel, aluminum  
  • Fitment: single, tandem or triple axle
  • Shape: teardrop, rolled, double broke


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