Silver Trailer Safety Chains - 1/4x61" (5k Capacity)

Silver Trailer Safety Chains - 1/4x61" (5k Capacity)

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  • 1/4" Links
  • 61" Long
  • 5,000 Gross Trailer Weight Capacity
  • Grade 30
  • 7/16" S-Hook with Latch


  • Acts as a backup if your trailer becomes disconnected from your tow vehicle
  • Required in most states
  • Helps ensure safe towing on road and off road
  • Clevis hook on the end of the chain provides convenience by looping in truck bed
  • Manufactured with heavy duty and high durability steel to ensure high optimal safety standards
  • The safety chain(s) that connect your trailer to your vehicle need to have a combined minimum breaking strength equal to or greater than the weight of the fully loaded trailer

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