Can a Trailer Save Your Valentine's Day?

Can a Trailer Save Your Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day is around the corner. Some of us out there are sweating date ideas. We don’t know how we’re going to make this year special. Cook something? Oh wait, you can’t cook. A candlelit dinner at a romantic restaurant? A romantic getaway? Your budgets and schedules won’t allow an indulgence like that. Corny, done to death, and good luck with getting reservations, depending on how long you wait. All of your ideas are too overdone, too much, or too little. We’re here to help. Maybe the secret to the perfect Valentine’s Day is sitting in your backyard. Maybe it’s your trailer.

Make any Trailer Repairs First

How can you be your most confident self for your date without the peace of mind that comes from being up on all of your trailer repairs? Tend to your spring seats and pads. Take care of your bearings. Handle details like grease, oil, dust, and hubcaps. Being prepared is attractive, so let’s be ready when Valentine’s Day comes.

Pack up your RV for a road trip

Ok, so a week in St. Vincent and The Grenadines isn’t going to work out. Airfare, work schedules, it’s just not doable this year. But what about a weekend road trip with plans to arrive at your destination on Valentine’s Day? (Which falls on a Monday in 2022). Pack up your whole tiny home with romantic necessities like wine, flowers, and picnic supplies. Have a playlist of favorites queued up. You’re ready to go anywhere. Pick a spot with a view of mountains. Pick a place by the water. Oh, and pick somewhere private! ;) 

Don’t Have a Tiny Home? Turn Your Utility Trailer into a Valentine’s Day Picnic Float

Even if you have a simple utility trailer, you can turn it into something special. Throw some pads down in the pack. Cover those with picnic blankets. Add in a mobile fire pit, logs, tinder, kindling, and a lighter. Add in a little canopy and a couple of lawn chairs. Plan for hot cocoa, and a simple picnic. Drive this setup anywhere with a view for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day. 

Take the Snowmobiles Out with Your Trailer

Maybe you and your love are bound by an adventurous spirit. Maybe you both like a little something with horsepower, a little something fast. Bundle up, and load your snowmobile onto your trailer. A tilt deck for snowmobiles can make that much easier. Make the day a little extra special with a cozy rental cabin. Something with a wood stove, or a fireplace.

Contact The Trailer Parts Outlet with Your Questions

Cover your bases. Get the little things right. We’re here to help answer your trailer related questions. Give us a message or call any time. 

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