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Should my Trailer have a Spare Tire?

You've finished building a new utility trailer and you're wondering, should my trailer have a spare tire? Is it really something you need or can you go without it?

Some might tell you it's necessary to have a spare tire for your trailer, while others believe it's not necessary. It's important to understand what you might deal with if you go without a spare tire for your trailer.

Do most utility trailers have spare tires? Won't the spare tire just end up with dry-rot anyway? Let's look at the answer to these questions and figure out if you need a spare tire for your new utility trailer.

Torsion vs. Spring Utility Trailer Axles

When you consider buying or building a utility trailer, you'll have many choices. The axles will be divided into two basic types: torsion and spring.

Both types of axles will perform the same jobs, for the most part, but the way they go about it is a bit different. When comparing torsion vs. spring utility trailer axles, you'll be looking at two different ways of providing cushioning and suspension for the trailer load.

Tips for Building Your Own Utility Trailer

Are you considering building your own utility trailer? Have you done a price comparison and figure out, building it yourself might save you money or provide benefits you cannot get from just buying a utility trailer?

When you've decided you want to build your own utility trailer, the right set of step-by-step trailer plans will go a very long way. At The Trailer Parts Outlet, we offer trailer plans and trailer kits to make it very easy to build a utility trailer, along with many other types of trailers.

Along with the right plans, a few good tips will go a very long way when building your new utility trailer. Here are a few tips to help make this DIY project a bit easier.

What are The Different Types of Utility Trailers?

Utility trailers come in many shapes and sizes. Some are enclosed, while others provide the ability to easily dump your load onto the ground.

Before you choose the right utility trailer to build, you'll want to consider what you will use it for. Many of the types of utility trailers will provide multiple functions. However, some are better for certain types of jobs than others.

Let's look at each of the different types of utility trailers to help make your decision easier.

Common Utility Trailer Upgrades

When it's necessary to upgrade your utility trailer, there are several things you can add to make it function better. From installing LED taillights to adding a winch, there are several common utility trailer upgrades you can use to make your trailer better. Let's look at a few of the top choices.

Is your Vehicle Capable of Pulling Your Trailer?

Safety has to come first when pulling a cargo trailer, utility trailer, fifth wheel, travel trailer, or any other type of trailer. Choosing the right trailer for your vehicles or vehicle for your trailer will make a big difference in how safe you can travel on the roads.

Most Common Trailer Repairs

While trailers are great when you need them, they also require maintenance and repairs. There are several things that may cause an issue with your trailer. Without the proper maintenance, you may end up dealing with a common trailer repair. Looking for the signs a trailer repair is necessary and here we describe the most common trailer repairs you might encounter.

How To Choose the Right Utility Trailer Kit

The options for a utility trailer kit may seem endless. Along with the many kits available, there are several ways to customize this type of trailer.

Choosing the right kit is the first step towards building the perfect utility trailer for your specific needs. Here are some of the things you should consider when trying to make the decision.

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