Get to Know Trailer Lighting

Get to Know Trailer Lighting

Lights are central to a successful trailer haul no matter what time of day you’re hauling. What’s more than that, you’ll be more compliant with the law if your trailer lights are in proper working order. After all, the other motorists need to know when you’re turning, and they need to know when you’re braking. Considering that many people forget or neglect to add extra stopping distance when they are following trailers, brake lights are that much more critical to safety. 

Let’s help you get to know your trailer lights and trailer light wiring.

Where to Hook Up Trailer Lights & What They Do

The average trailer has three circuits for hooking up lights. One of these is for the tail lights and one for each of the right and left brake lights. The brake lights light up when you brake, and act as directionals for where you’re turning, too. 

Preventing Shorts with your Trailer Light Wiring System

Grounding wires are so important for trailer lighting. These are conducting paths that run separate from the circuit. They basically prevent shorts. The typical trailer has four contacts for the wiring plug plus a ground. This will run through all lights and electrical elements on the trailer, and ultimately connect to the trailer frame. 

Incandescent Lights vs. LEDs - The Benefits of Both Types of Trailer Lights

You might have LEDs or incandescent lights on your trailer. LED lights are great because they last longer and hold up in bad weather. But sometimes, incandescents look best in rain or snow.

Sockets & Pins

Trailers vary in connector styles. You might find trailers with 5,6, or 7 pins. They link up via round plugs like electrical sockets. If you’ve got an RV, camper, or elaborate work trailer, you might have hookups for interior lighting. 

How to Test Your Four-Pin Trailer Light System

Turn on the vehicle. Watch the lights. Test the brakes and see if the lights flash with them. Test the turn signals the same way. Sometimes people need a second person outside the trailer to confirm these are working.

Ask The Trailer Parts Outlet All of Your Questions About Trailer Lights

Trailer lights are a crucial part of making sure your trailer is running safely, legally, and properly. If you have any questions about wiring them up, replacing them, installing lights in general, remember that you can ask The Trailer Parts Outlet any questions you may have. We have seen it all when it comes to trailer lighting, and we’re more than happy to help you with anything you need. 

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