Host the Perfect Super Bowl Party with Your Trailer

Host the Perfect Super Bowl Party with Your Trailer

Super Bowl Sunday is hurling towards us like a well-thrown spiral! Are you wondering how you’re going to feed and seat all of your guests, not to mention give them a view of the game? Let’s explore some ways your trailer can make the party-winning catch this year.

  • Project the Game on Your Utility Trailer
  • Any outdoor projector or even a bulldog-clipped bed sheet is better than missing the big moments! Turn your utility trailer into a viewing place for extra guests. Grab everything you need to build one all in one place with this helpful kit from The Trailer Parts Outlet. Maybe park it in the garage, add some lawn chairs and space heaters if need be. (Just don’t forget to keep the bay doors open!) This is the perfect place to store extra coolers of drinks if you’re out of room inside, too. 

  • Show Your Team Pride for the perfect Lawn Decoration
  • Dress your trailer in your team colors, no matter who you’re cheering for! Add a stuffed mascot securely fastened with zip ties. Maybe hang some team flags. Your guests will know they arrived at the right house as soon as they see it parked in the lawn. Drive it through town to build anticipation! It only adds to the excitement and festivity of the event. 

  • Cook Delicious BBQ This Super Bowl
  • BBQ is crowd pleaser! And it’s easy to whip up the big portions you need if you have a BBQ smoker trailer in tow. You will be a hero to your guests as soon as they smell the delicious BBQ rising in the chill air. Pulled pork, smoked sausage, ribs, smoked chicken. What’s not to love? Grab these engineer-approved blueprint plans and have yours ready to go when the big day comes. (Start researching your favorite brisket recipe now! It’s an artform, and it must be taken seriously.)

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    We’re Texans, here at The Trailer Parts Outlet. We love football, BBQ, trailers, and helping people. If you need more ideas for your Super Bowl Sunday float or BBQ trailer, we are ready and waiting to help. Call us or write us at any time. 

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