How to Replace Trailer Brakes

How to Replace Trailer Brakes

Maintain Your Trailer the Right Way

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Your trailer brakes are critical to ensuring your trailer is safe to use. But you’ll need to replace those brakes on occasion, as they can wear and become tough to manage after a while. At the Trailer Parts Outlet, we want to help you understand how you can safely and effectively replace your trailer brakes.

If you’ve never replaced the brakes on your trailer before, before you begin, it's extremely helpful to take pictures of the brakes. Do this at the beginning of each step before you remove or replace anything, and you’ll be able to backtrack your steps and see how the brakes are assembled if you get stuck.

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Image of a trailer attached to a car.

Expose the Inner Brake Drum

Begin by removing the outside of the brakes from the trailer. You will need to remove some components around a central spindle in some cases. Be sure you remove the parts evenly and carefully for the best results. Step-by-step it should look something like this:
  • Remove the dust/grease cap
  • Pry off the nut retainers
  • Remove the spindle nut
  • Remove the outer bearing

Image of two trailers on trucks.

Remove the Inner Wheel Bearing

Once you've opened the brake drum and can see in, you should notice a wheel bearing. You’ll want to remove the wheel bearing in this step. It should be easy, as the drum assembly should move off after you loosen everything. 

You’ll want to cut your magnet’s wires if you are reinstalling an entirely new brake assembly kit, remove the nuts and washers holding it in place on the central axle, remove the wheel bearing seal, and the drum assembly should slide right off.

 Image of a car driving down the highway with a trailer attached.

Add the New Trailer Brake  Assembly

Once you've removed the wheel bearing, you’ll want to insert the new brake assembly. You might have to replace the shoes on each side and the magnet unit, although the steps will vary depending on the condition of your brakes. Typically a new brake assembly will come with everything you need to do the job.

Image of a parked trailer.

Reinstall the Parts

You can finish the installation process by reinstalling all the brake parts when you are finished. Reference the pictures you took through the process in this step if you get stuck to see how everything goes back together.

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Having the right parts for the job makes all the difference when you’re replacing your trailer brakes. Our experts at the Trailer Parts Outlet provide all the best trailer parts and accessories so you can get the job done right.  Shop our selection today.

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