Spring Utility Trailer Axles or Torsion

Spring Utility Trailer Axles or Torsion

Choices, choices, choices, that’s the life of someone buying or building a new trailer. One of these will be about whether to use spring utility trailer axles. 

Begin by knowing that both axles will do the same jobs overall, but the way they approach the work is a little different. We’re talking about two different methods for getting cushioning and suspension for the trailer load. 

How do Torsion Axles Work? Learn Their Benefits

Torsion axles don’t actually have any kind of metal spring for suspension and shock absorption. Rather, they use a set of rubber cords inside a piece of square tubing. Inside the tubing is a core part which attaches to the torsion arms. 

Without seeing one, it’s hard to fully understand, but here are some benefits of torsion axles worth knowing about. 

  • No metal-on-metal friction
  • Quieter during travel
  • Change the ride height easily with torsion bars
  • Simpler to maintain compared to spring axles
  • Better at fighting corrosion 
  • Endures longer than spring axles

If these sound like they match your priorities, choose torsion axles!

Understanding Spring Utility Trailer Axles & Their Benefits

Spring utility trailer axles should be recognizable for you because they are like the type of axle you would likely see around a regular motor vehicle. These axles suspend the carriage using stacked flat springs to cushion shocks. If you’ve got a truck, you’ve seen these springs over the axle on the trailer. This makes it possible to lower the ride height of the trailer in question. You get improved stability when loading and unloading the trailer in this situation. 

Here are some benefits:

  • Inexpensive relative to torsion axles
  • Most reliable tire wear
  • Don’t need to reweld for replacement
  • Simple to install

So How Do I Choose an Axle?

They are both really good. You might be able to pick based on the type of trailer you have. Use a spring trailer axle if you have a dump or utility trailer. Use a torsion for boat trailers, windy weather, bumpy roads, or salty conditions. Spring axles are sturdy and affordable. Torsions don’t need much maintenance and they create a smoother ride. If you know you have more delicate cargo, torsion might be the way to go. 

Let The Trailer Parts Outlet Help You Choose an Axle

We know trailer axles and all trailer parts here, and we love to help haulers like you.  Give us a call whenever you need a little advice about torsion vs. spring utility axles. Do the same no matter what question about trailer axles you have. 

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