Switching from a Hydraulic Brake to an Electric Brake

Switching from a Hydraulic Brake to an Electric Brake

If you have electric brakes, you probably have wondered if you can switch to hydraulic. And vice versa, if you have hydraulic brakes, you may have wondered if you can switch to electric. 

These are common and reasonable questions that many trailer haulers ask at some point. 

Let’s talk about why you would choose to make each switch, then delve into how to do it. We will also help you find replacement parts for hydraulic and electric brakes, and general guidance about when it’s time to do this for your trailer. 

In fact, we wrote an answer to this very question in our FAQ section.

Why Would You Want to Switch from Electric to Hydraulic Brakes?

Hydraulic brakes dissipate heat more evenly when used. This makes them last longer. They are often more powerful and more capable of bringing a heavy haul to a stop at the driver’s control. 

How Can You Switch Your Trailer Brakes from Electric to Hydraulic?

If you want to switch from electric to hydraulic trailer brakes, you will need to remove the electric brake equipment and wiring. Use one of our hydraulic brake kits if you’re confident in doing the new installation yourself, or if a mechanically inclined person in your life is helping.

Why Would You Switch from Hydraulic Trailer Brakes to Electric Trailer Brakes?

Making the switch from hydraulic trailer brakes to electric trailer brakes comes with the big advantage of ease of use for the drive. Electric brakes are just simpler to operate. As a trailer hauler, intuitive, easy, super responsive brakes can go a long way to keep your drive safer for yourself and everyone with whom you share the road. 

How Can You Switch Your Trailer Brakes from Hydraulic to Electric?

This is easier than you might think! Start by getting electric brake axles. Once you have those secured, simply cut the wires to your hydraulic pump, and then connect the brake power wire to the ground wire of the electric brake axles. Typically, you’ll see that the black wire is the power wire and the white is the ground wire, but you should verify this is the case for your particular trailer. 

Was that a little confusing? If so, don’t be overwhelmed or concerned. There’s a team of friendly experts standing by ready to help you at The Trailer Parts Outlet. Reach out if you need help with making the switch for your trailer’s brakes. 

Where to Find Electric Brake Parts

The Trailer Parts Outlet offers you a full selection of high-quality, rugged, reliable electric brakes and electric brake kits. Save yourself time and effort, and grab everything you need all in one place!

Where to Find Hydraulic Brake Parts

We also offer everything you need to tune up, repair, or replace your hydraulic brakes if you make the decision to stick with them. Don’t waste valuable man  hours searching for everything you need. We have it all right here.

Get in Touch with The Trailer Parts Outlet with More Questions About Switching Between Hydraulic & Electric Brakes 

We love hearing from all of our customers, whether they’re familiar faces or brand new. Whether you’re certain you want to make the switch for your brakes, or just need help determining if you should in the first place, you can bring all of your questions to The Trailer Parts Outlet. Call or write us at any time.

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