Troubleshooting Common Brake Problems with The Trailer Parts Outlet

Your brakes are one of the most important parts of your trailer. 

Knowing common problems with trailer brakes and how to troubleshoot them will help you be a safer, more responsible trailer hauler. 

All brake problems are scary! There’s nothing worse than the feeling of your trailer brakes not responding the way you expect them to. 

In this blog, we’re going to describe common trailer brake problems and how to solve them. 

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My Brakes Are Pulling to One Side

You brake, and feel the whole trailer pull to one side. It’s dangerous and scary. Let’s talk about common causes. 

Might be caused by…

Wrong magnet lead wire color

Solution: If so, correct the wiring

Incorrect adjustment

Solution: Adjust yourself if possible or bring it in

Grease or oil on linings on magnets

Solution: Find, clean, and repair

Broken wires

Solution: Find and repair

Bad connections

Solution: Find and repai

Identifying and Fixing Harsh Brakes

You try to come to a nice even stop, but you come to a harsh sudden one instead. You check the rearview mirrors nervously after. 

Might be caused by…

Under adjustment

Solution: Adjust yourself if you know how, or bring it in for adjustment

Improper Synchronization

Solution: Can be corrected at home or in shop

Improper Controller

Solution: Change as needed

Faulty Controller

Solution: Test & correct

Knowing when you have Surging Brakes and Troubleshooting

Surging brakes. These are no fun either. It feels like a pulsating in your brake pedal and vibration in your steering wheel. It delays the stop you planned for, which is dangerous. 

Might be caused by…

Grease or oil on linings on magnets

Solution: Clean, and repair

Out-of-round or cracked brake drums 

Solution:  Identify & repair or replace

Faulty Controller

Solution: Test & correct

Identifying & Solving Dragging Brakes with Help From The Trailer Parts Outlet

Dragging brakes feels like the pedal pressure is too soft. Some people describe it as spongy pressure. The pedal sinks all the way to the floor when you try to stop. 

Might be caused by…

Over adjustment


Out-of-round or cracked brake drums 

Solution: Identify & machine or replace

Incorrect Brake Components


Loose, bent, or Broken Brake Components

Solution: Identify & repair or replace

Faulty Breakaway Switch

Repair or Replace 

Loose Wheel Bearing Adjustment


Bent Spindle

Find & correct

Try DeeMax Brakes

Want longer lasting, dependable, safe brakes? Make the switch to Deemaxx hydraulic disc brakes, the leading brake assembly for the US Military. Your brake system can easily be switched with a DeeMaxx hydraulic setup.

Contact The Trailer Parts Outlet if You Have Any Questions About Your Brakes

Harsh, dragging, squeaky, spongy, pulling. We have seen brakes do it all, and even more importantly, we have solved it all. Feel free to grab the phone and call us. We love helping people and we love talking shop. We know exactly how important proper brakes are, so if you’re even the slightest bit worried, don’t weight. It’s better be over prepared and informed than underprepared and under informed when it comes to trailer brakes. Contact us here. 

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