10k GD Rubber Spring Eye Bushing - (Dexter) pack of 4

10k GD Rubber Spring Eye Bushing - (Dexter) pack of 4


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  • Specs:  

    • Rubber with a steel sleeve
    • Outer diameter 2"
    • Inner diameter 3/4"
    • Length 2-5/8"

    This 10K general duty trailer axle spring eye bushing is a great option for those old or worn-out parts on your Dexter axles. If you've noticed that your trailer suspension isn't as strong or as flexible as it once was, then the bushings could be to blame. By replacing them, you'll be able to drive down the road with confidence. When you shop with The Trailer Parts Outlet, you'll know that you're getting quality products at great prices, and that the parts will stand up to the wear and tear you put them through. Order your new 10K spring eye bushing today!


    • Rubber spring eye bushing for  Dexter 10k general duty springs

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