2k (2000 lb Capacity) Bearing Kit

2k (2000 lb Capacity) Bearing Kit

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  • Inner bearing-L44649   1.063 I.D
  • Outer bearing-L44649    1.063 I.D
  • Double lip grease seal-10-60    1.987 O.D 1.5 I.D
  • Inner and Outer Race-L44610  1.980 O.D.

This 2K trailer axle bearing kit has everything you need, including inner and outer bearings, inner and outer races, a grease seal, a grease cap, and a cotter pin. If you have a 2K axle that needs repaired, then you’ll be able to fix everything quickly and get your trailer back on the road. You can also order this kit to have on hand, should you need spare parts in the future. At The Trailer Parts Outlet, we’re here to make sure that you have access to quality products that meet your needs and fit your budget. Order your 2K bearing kit today!


  • Kit includes
    • One inner bearing and race
    • One outer bearing and race
    • Grease seal
    • Cotter pin 
    • Grease Cap

Bearing Kit for 1" BT16 Spindle. 

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