Hopkins 47105 Trailer 4 Wire Flat Extension -32" Long

Hopkins 47105 Trailer 4 Wire Flat Extension -32" Long

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Hopkins 47105 4 Flat Extension (32")

Installation Instructions

The Hopkins 47105 provides 36 inches of extension length to provide extra reach where needed. The ground wire is terminated to a ring terminal to ensure a good ground between the vehicle and trailer wiring. Package includes a dust cover to protect exposed terminals, cable ties to mount the harness out of harms' way, di-electric terminal grease for applying to the metal terminals to protect from corrosion and a ground screw for attached the ground wire to the vehicle frame.


  • Plug-In Simple! - Adapter
  • Extends wiring system for more flexibility
  • 32 inches in length
  • Utilizes an exterior vehicle frame ground with ring terminal
  • Corrosion resistant terminals
  • Includes dust cover and grease packet to prevent corrosion
  • 90 Day Warranty From The Date Of Original Purchase


  • 4-way flat vehicle & trailer ends, packaged 4-way flat car & trailer ends
  • Bonded wires and rubber molded construction
  • This unit is included in most T connector kits and is the perfect 4 wire flat modular extension replacement

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