Hopkins 48110 Endurance Trailer 4 Flat Trailer Side (12")

Hopkins 48110 Endurance Trailer 4 Flat Trailer Side (12")

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Hopkins 48110 Endurance™ Trailer 4 Flat Trailer Side (12")

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Replace a damaged 4 flat with this patented Endurance™ 4 flat. It's thicker and more durable, making it easy to grip compared to standard 4 flats. The protective nylon sleeving provides wire protection, and the molded dust cover adds terminal protection, so it's ready to tackle the toughest environments.

  • Endurance™ Professional Grade
  • Easy-pull grips ease in connecting/ disconnecting.
  • Most Commonly Used Trailer Connector
  • Found On Small Boat/Utility
  • Ergonomic grip for easier handling
  • 12 inch wire length
  • Printed wire functions for easy wire reference
  • 3 Year Warranty From The Date Of Original Purchase

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