Trailer Tow Hitch Ball Long Shank 3.5k Capacity - 2 x 3/4 x 2 1/8 (PS-18046)

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Trailer Tow Hitch Ball Long Shank 3.5k Capacity - 2 x 3/4 x 2 1/8 (PS-18046)

Trailer Tow Hitch Ball Long Shank 3.5k Capacity - 2 x 3/4 x 2 1/8 (PS-18046)

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When ordering raw materials, you can expect minor rust and oils that will need to be cleaned upon arrival to you.

Trailer Tow Hitch Ball Long Shank 3.5k Capacity (PS-18046 Chrome)

  • Prime steels 2-inch trailer hitch balls
  • Fits 2-inch couplers
  • Accepts up to 3,500 lbs GTW (3.5K Capacity)
  • High-strength, hot-forged steel construction and protected by a durable chrome-plated finish
  • Zinc-plated hex nut and helical lock washer for secure mounting
  • Fine threads for superior holding strength
  • Safety tested to meet U.S. V-5 specifications
  • Designed for strength, ease of use, and ultimately to get to the destination without hassles
  • Constructed from quality steel and are precision manufactured to fit 2-inch trailer couplers like a hand in a glove
  • Able to tow most standard-duty and heavy-duty trailers
  • Including utility trailers, boat trailers, campers, livestock trailers, and recreational vehicle trailers designed for hauling ATVs, snowmobiles, personal watercraft, and more
  • This tow ball is an excellent extension of class 3 or 4 trailer hitches and ball mounts
  • Ideal choice for most pickup trucks and SUVs
  • Note: never exceed the lowest weight capacity of any towing component; i.e. The vehicle, hitch, trailer, etc.
  • Fine-threaded shank
  • 2-inch trailer ball also offers an added measure of holding strength and provides smooth installation and torqueing
  • It offers peace of mind while towing
  • Prime steel also carefully tests trailer balls and ensures that each one meets U.S. VESC specifications
  • PS-18046: Chrome (2 x 3/4 x 2 1/8)

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