Common Utility Trailer Upgrades

Common Utility Trailer Upgrades

When it's necessary to upgrade your utility trailer, there are several things you can add to make it function better. From installing LED taillights to adding a winch, there are several common utility trailer upgrades you can use to make your trailer better. Let's look at a few of the top choices.

Stake Pockets

A very easy and helpful upgrade for your utility trailer is adding stake pockets. They are designed to hold a 2x4 in place and allow you to build a sidewall onto your utility trailer.

Gorilla Lift

If you want an easy solution to raise and lower the tailgate of your utility trailer, a Gorilla Lift is the perfect option. It's a lift-assist allowing you to move the tailgate with easy. In fact, you'll feel very little, if any of the weight.

A Gorilla Lift helps to prevent injuries and accidents. It can also help to prevent the tailgate from warping or the hinges from failing.


Adding a Warn Winch with a roller to your utility trailer might just save you from a back injury. If it's common for you to use your trailer without a helper, a winch will become your best friend quickly.

You can use a 4 inch Sliding Winch to move a heavy item from the ground into the trailer without the need to do any lifting. Just wrap the strap around the item and use your new winch to crank it into your utility trailer.


Another popular upgrade for a utility trailer is a ramp. In fact, adding a winch and a ramp can be the perfect combination when moving heavier objects.

This common utility trailer upgrade will make it easy to roll any wheeled items onto your utility trailer. You can easily add an aluminum ramp or even a heavy-duty steel ramp to your utility trailer.

E-Track Tie Down System

When you need to tie down cargo regularly, an E-track tie-down system is a great trailer upgrade. You'll be able to easily use ratchet straps and you won't have to worry anymore about where you're going to hook them. It's even possible to add wood beams in the sockets to provide even more insurance your cargo isn't going to move.

D-Rings and a Cargo Net

Maybe the types of cargo you carry require a cargo net to keep it in place. If this is the case, using weld-on D-ring and a cargo net might be the perfect upgrade for your specific needs.

Add a Security Lock and Wheel Lock

If you want to increase the security of your trailer, you can use a High Security Lock with a pick resistant lock cylinder. You can even add a Wheel Lock to ensure the trailer cannot be moved. These two trailer upgrades will give you the peace of mind when you're not able to keep an eye on your trailer.

Utility trailers come in handy quite often. With the right upgrades and accessories, you can get even more use out of your utility trailer. All of these common utility trailer upgrades can be installed rather easily, as well.

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