Customizing Your Trailer | The Trailer Parts Outlet

Customizing Your Trailer | The Trailer Parts Outlet

Trailers are part of a lifestyle for so many haulers. If there are no one-size fits all lifestyles, how can you expect a one-size fits all trailer to work?
Customizing your trailer gives you a way to make it fit your needs to a T. You might need custom parts like drop axles or loading ramps. Let’s talk about your options. 
  • Customizing Your Trailer Gets You the Right Size for Your Haul

  • Prefabricated trailers are sometimes just wrong for what you need them to do. They are often too big or too small. (And why not? They didn’t call you up before they built it.) Custom trailers let you fit the trailer to your needs and not the other way around. Of course, as with anything, you never have unlimited options. You still have to observe the rules of the road when designing a trailer with custom capacity. Customization lets you get closer to what you need, though. It lets you get a better fit for your gear, business, and storage space no matter what. 
  • Custom lets you get the weight you want 

  • People drive different vehicles, and you might have one that’s too heavy for your prefab trailer. Does that mean you’ll never carry your dirt bikes to your favorite trail? No. With a custom trailer, you can find a way to haul what you want without stressing out your tow vehicle too much. Custom trailers let you design something that is the ideal weight for your tow vehicle. Professionals can help you determine your tow vehicle’s max weight and design around that. 
  • Haul Strange-Shaped Items with a Custom Trailer

  • If you’ve hauled a pre-fabricated trailer, you know there was that one weird old homemade BBQ smoker you just could not load onto your trailer no matter how you angled it. If you have something special that you’re carrying all the time, something with an odd and specific shape, a customer trailer can accommodate it. However, it can also have customized stabilizers, guards, and pads in place to keep your trailer from getting damaged. If you can’t find the right tool for the job...create the right tool for the job!
  • Brand Your Custom Trailer

  • Most of the time, you get your choices of black, white and gray for prefab trailers. When you go custom, you can make your trailer match your brand. After all, if you are a business man, you must love free advertising that follows your vehicle everywhere you go. It’s not just for business, you can always create a trailer in the colors of your favorite college or sports team. Details like that will put you over when it is time to judge the parade. Talk to custom trailer pros about your options there. 
  • Accommodate Your Storage Space with a Custom Trailer

  • Storage spaces can vary from a double car garage plus a big shed to a little patch of yard. With a custom trailer, you can make sure you aren’t going to run into storage challenges. Prefabricated trailers, well, it goes without saying, but they are what they are. It’s also about what you are storing inside your trailer. If you need it covered or climate controlled, custom trailers can give you the specs you need. 
  • Add Accessories to Your Custom Trailer

  • What do you need on your trailer? More lights? More storage space? Special wiring? You can do it with a custom trailer.
    Get in touch with the Trailer Parts Outlet. We love talking custom trailers, and any other trailer topic you can think of. Looking forward to hearing from you!
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