How Boat Haulers Can be Green

How Boat Haulers Can be Green

Many trailer haulers carry boats to and from the launch. But every boat owner shares a responsibility to help keep water bodies clean. Let’s talk about how to do exactly that. 

  • Keep Your Boat Engine Well-Tuned
  • This makes sure you prevent most of the hazards to the environment you may encounter. The bilge is a part that often leaks pollutants if not well maintained. Minimize oil spillage by keeping your bilge in good working order. Your boat will be better protected on the road with a secure boat trailer.

  • Be Careful with Oil Changes
  • Be careful when you’re changing the oil. Use a spill proof container. You can also prevent spill by using an oil pump. It’s your choice, really. Use plastic to cover the oil filter, because this keeps the bilge free of oil. 

  • Fuel Your Boat Slowly

  • When you’re fueling your boat, don’t rush. Don’t fill the tank all the way to full, either. Fuel expands when temperature goes up. Sunshine and the heat of the boat will certainly increase the temperature of your fuel. Rags can mop up minor spills. There’s no rush. 

  • Don’t Use Soap on Oil Spills

  • Spills happen, no matter how careful you are. If you do this, don’t add dish soap to the spill. Maybe it cleans ducks, but it dirties lakes. Soap breaks oil into tiny particles that kill plant life. The combination of soap and oil is bad for the whole ecosystem. 

  • Maintain Your Boat Outside of the Water

  • Work on your boat when it is outside of the trailer. Use biodegradable soap and water pressure to wash the boat. If you absolutely have to wash the boat in the water, try to catch debris with tarps and sanders. 

  • Silicon or Teflon Based Paints are Best

  • Low toxicity paints like silicon or teflon-based options are safer for the environment than softer, sloughing paint. If you clean the haul with abrasive products, you need to worry about toxing leaking out from the paint, so use gentle cleaners, scrubbers and methods. Clean the boat outside of the water, always. 

  • Discard Hazardous Materials

  • Discard of all antifreeze, batteries, cleaning products, filters, oils, paints, or solvents at locations that will dispose of them properly. 

  • Don’t Dump Sewage in Water

  • Don’t ever dump sewage in the water. If you do this in the U.S. or Canada, it is illegal to dump within three miles of shore. There are federal regulations for the toilets on your boat. If your boat has no permanent toilet, use a port-a-potty and empty it at an approved station. 

  • Retain Trash and Dispose on Shore

  • Throwing your trash overboard is awful behavior. Store it in bags, bins, cans and take them to the dump on shore. Remember, cigarette butts, fishing lines, food wrappers, and paper and plastic all can kill marine life. Littering is a crime that gets punished by marine patrol. 

  • Bathing and Dishes
  • Best to do these on shore. Use a biodegradable soap that has no phosphates. 

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