Trailer Plans that Will Make Your Summer Special

Trailer Plans that Will Make Your Summer Special

Here we are hurtling towards the end of May at lightning speed. You know what’s knocking on our door? Summer, and all its glory. All it’s sunburnt, bug bitten, boating and BBQing glory. Man and beast alike are ready to play outside a little. Are you ready in terms of what you’re hauling for a trailer? Maybe it’s time to roll up the garage door and start wrenching on a new trailer plan. 

Let’s take a look at a few trailer plans that will make your summer special. All of these projects are great as a DIY, or a weekend project you paid your buddy in beer to help you with. 

  • Boat Trailer Plan Suitable with Variable Width 

  • Get a boat trailer plan that has been engineer approved from The Trailer Parts Outlet. This plan will yield a 16’x6’ trailer. It has a variable width, so you can make sure that it suits your boat correctly. You’ll have it built in 11 simple steps. With detailed cuts, you’ll be building and hauling your boat to the lake in no time. 

  • Build a Smoker/Pit & Grill Trailer with This Engineer Approved Blueprint
  • One of the best things about a summer night is the scent of BBQ filling the block. Suddenly, everyone wants to be the smoker’s friend! Why not build your own smoker with this engineer approved smoker/pit blueprint so you don’t have to mooch off others anymore? You might even throw a legendary party once you get your flair for the grill going. Remember, if you already have a utility trailer and you just need the smoker, we can accommodate that, too. Check out this BBQ smoker plan.

    1. For You Horseback Riders, Check Out This Top Quality Blueprint 

    Taking horses from the farm to the trail is a delicate art. This engineer approved blueprint for a horse trailer is perfect for your needs. Your four legged friends will love the interior, and it has the perfect capacity and room for them to travel in style. With a detailed cuts and step list, you’ll have this thing build in no time. 

    We Offer So Much More! Tell Us What You Need

    The Trailer Parts Outlet offers a huge variety of trailer plans. If you haven’t found exactly what you need, or if you have any questions about the plans listed above, go ahead and give us a call. We love trailers, and we love helping people, so don’t be shy. 

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